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Assisted bodyweight training bands help
Accelerate your calisthenics journey

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Our goals is to make calisthenics accessible to everyone in the world, while taking a minimalist approach. We offer the essential equipment and education needed to inspire and equip both elite and aspiring athletes. Download our free bodyweight training app here.

RubberBanditz street workout bands are used for both ASSISTED bodyweight training for a boost + dynamic RESISTANCE training for an added challenge.

Our progressive calisthenics bands are the on ramp to the bodyweight training superhighway. We'll get you to the bar and make the impossible possible.


  • Calisthenics Beginner eBook by @Muscle_up_jarvis WCO Master Trainer

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    Rubberbanditz Calisthenics Racks:  Pull-Up Bar | P-Bars (free shipping)

    Regular Price: $2,495.00

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  • Basic Door Gym Pull up Bar

  • Yoga Mat

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    Gymnastics Wood Rings

    Gymnastics Wood Rings

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    Ab Mat Back Pad

    Ab Mat Back Pad

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  • Ab Straps

  • Functional Fitness Matte Black Pushup Bars

  • Gymnastics Rings and Straps

  • Ab Wheel

  • Foam Roller 18"x6"

  • $14.95
  • Foam Roller 36"x6"

  • Ultra Speed Jump Rope

  • Strike Stability Wrist and Ankle Cuff Set

  • Rubberbanditz Padded REGUL8R Compression Sleeves

  • Travel Bag

  • Rubberbanditz Calisthenics Bar Training Gloves

  • Rubberbanditz Floss Compression Bands

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  • 12" Resistance Bands

  • New Calisthenics Kit

    Calisthenics Kit

  • 41" Resistance Band