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Snap Resistant Bands

Snap Resistant Bands

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Individual Bands

Size and Use Cheat Sheet

  • Light Resistance Band

    Light Resistance Band

    (5 Reviews)


    1/4” wide x 41" long (6mm x 1m) with 5-15 lbs (2-7 kg) of resistance, this is excellent for high rep exercises. The perfect tool for warm-ups and strengthening smaller muscle groups, particularly around shoulders and arms.

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    Resistance Range

    5 - 15 lbs

    Ideal For

    Bicep CurlThruster

  • Medium Resistance Band

    Medium Resistance Band

    (10 Reviews)


    1/2" wide x 41" long (13mm x 1m) and 15-35 lbs (7-16 kg) of resistance. It is a highly adaptable band that can be used to tone almost every muscle group on or off the pull up bar. Best band for low impact high rep strength training.

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    Resistance Range

    20 - 35 lbs

    Ideal For

    Lat PulldownStretchingThruster

  • Heavy Resistance Band

    Heavy Resistance Band

    (7 Reviews)


    7/8" wide x 41" long (22mm x 1m) and 30-50 lbs (14-23 kg) of assistance on the bar, the heavy band can be used alone or combined with any other pull up band size to customize the amount of tension needed.

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    Resistance Range

    30 - 50 lbs

    Ideal For

    Lat PulldownMuscle UpPull UpsStretching

  • Robust Resistance Band

    Robust Resistance Band

    (8 Reviews)


    1 1/8" wide x 41" long (30mm x 1m) and 50-80 lbs (23-36 kg) of resistance, this is a perfect place to start on the pullup bar for many of our customers. This is our most popular resistance band we sell due to the range of tension it provides.

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    Resistance Range

    40 - 80 lbs

    Ideal For

    Muscle UpPull UpsSquatStretching

  • Power Resistance Band

    Power Resistance Band

    (8 Reviews)


    1.75" wide x 41" long (45mm x 1m) and 70-100 lbs (31-45 kg) of resistance. This heavy duty pull-up band will almost guarantee your first pull up and help you crank out reps as your arms fatigue.

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    Resistance Range

    50 - 120 lbs

    Ideal For

    Muscle UpPull UpsSquat

  • Strong Resistance Band

    Strong Resistance Band

    (1 Review)


    2.5" wide x 41" long (64mm x 1m) and 100-140 lbs (45-63 kg) of resistance. This beefy band is recommended for athletes 240 lbs+ who can do less than 5 unassisted pull-ups.

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    Resistance Range

    60 - 150 lbs

    Ideal For

    Muscle UpPull Ups

Assisted Pull Up Resistance Bands

Proudly here to pull up assist you

Pull ups can engage and strengthen nearly your entire upper body through the simple motion of pulling yourself up to the pull up bar.  It is a highly functional movement pattern that requires multiple muscles groups to work together. If you are like most of us, you probably need a little pull up help to get you going. Lucky for you, Rubberbanditz offers pull up equipment that will help you take your workout up a notch.

Below you’ll find a quick cheat sheet that explains how to use pull up assist bands to build strength and scale your rep count. Before you know it, you’ll be a pull up cranking machine! Try out our pull up resistance bands to see for yourself just how effective these bands really are. Below you will find a few useful exercises to help with pull ups and other strength training techniques like an assistance chin up. Whether you are starting with modified pull ups or you are already a complete pro, our pull up equipment will help to improve your strength no matter what your current fitness level may be.

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Proudly here to pull up assist you

How Do I Use Pull Up Bands

The best way to get better at pull-ups is to do assisted pull-ups. Pull up straps offset your bodyweight so you get more reps and increase strength faster. As you get stronger you'll need less pull up band assistance and can use a lighter band. To use our resistance bands correctly on the pullup bar:

pullup band, pullup exercise step1

Fasten a band onto the pull up bar by pulling one side through the other.

pullup exercise step2

Place a foot or knee in the pull up band. Using the foot makes it easier.

pullup exercise step3

Complete controlled assisted pull up reps without swaying back and forth.

pullup exercise step4

Step out of the pull up strap with one foot, then release the other to avoid snapbacks.

Accelerate Your Pullups Game

Trusted pull up assist band sets for all fitness levels

The most common question we get is “Which pullup band is right for me?” We’ve got you covered! All you need to know is your weight and how many unassisted pullups you can do. Once you find your band combo, click on it to see the item in our store.

I can do less than 5 unassisted pull-ups and my weight is...

I can do more than 5 unassisted pull-ups and my weight is...

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Why Two Bands Instead of One?

Combine Your Bands For a Wider Range of Pullup Assistance

As you fatigue you’ll need a bigger boost, and as you get stronger, you’ll need to lower the assistance. Mark your progress by lowering the tension.

  • Combine both bands for maximum pullup assistance

  • Remove the lighter resistance band as you get stronger

  • Progress further and use just the lighter resistance band


Do More Reps and Improve Results with Drop Sets

Perform multiple sets in rapid succession while increasing the assistance each time. This maximizes your energy expenditure and accelerates strength gains.

  • Do as many assisted pullups as possible with a lighter resistance band

  • Switch and do another set with a thicker band until you can't do any more reps

  • Combine both pullup resistance bands on the bar to eek out that last set

What our customers are saying

  • "I just received my exercise bands, and was astounded to find out I could actually do pull-ups with them! Of course, I hope to be able to pull up without the bands, but for now I am absolutely thrilled. Super fast shipping too!"

    Kathy S.
    Happy Rubberbanditz Customer

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