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Snap Resistant Bands

Snap Resistant Bands

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  • Light Resistance Band

    Light Resistance Band

    (5 Reviews)


    ¼” wide x 41" long (6mm x 1m) , the light band provides 5-15 lbs (2-7 kg) of resistance and is excellent for high rep exercises. The perfect tool for warm-ups and strengthening smaller muscle groups, particularly around shoulders and arms.

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    Resistance Range

    5 - 15 lbs

    Ideal For

    Bicep CurlThrusterTricep Extensions

  • Medium Resistance Band

    Medium Resistance Band

    (10 Reviews)


    1/2" wide x 41" long (13mm x 1m) and 15-35 lbs (7-16 kg) of resistance. This is a useful low-mid tension band capable of strengthening almost every muscle group on or off the p-bars and pull up bar -- A great band for low impact high rep strength training.

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    Resistance Range

    20 - 35 lbs

    Ideal For


  • Heavy Resistance Band

    Heavy Resistance Band

    (7 Reviews)


    7/8" wide x 41" long (22mm x 1m) with 30-50 lbs (14-23 kg) of assistance on the bar. The heavy band is used alone or combined with others to customize the tension for any calisthenics bodyweight training or resistance training exercise.

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    Resistance Range

    30 - 50 lbs

    Ideal For

    Front LeverPull UpsStretchingThruster

  • Robust Resistance Band

    Robust Resistance Band

    (8 Reviews)


    1 1/8" wide x 41" long (30mm x 1m), the robust bands supplies 50-80 lbs (23-36 kg) of resistance it is a natural place to start on the pullup bar for bodyweight training assistance. This is our most popular size resistance band since it helps with all calisthenics street workout exercises.

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    Resistance Range

    40 - 80 lbs

    Ideal For

    Front LeverMuscle UpPull UpsSquat

  • Power Resistance Band

    Power Resistance Band

    (8 Reviews)


    1.75" wide x 41" long (45mm x 1m), the power band provides 70-100 lbs (31-45 kg) of resistance. This heavy duty band will almost guarantee your first pullup and boost your front lever or planche training progressions. This is a great size to fall back on as you get tired and need more assistance.

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    Resistance Range

    50 - 120 lbs

    Ideal For

    Front LeverMuscle UpPlanchePull Ups

  • Strong Resistance Band

    Strong Resistance Band

    (1 Review)


    2.5" wide x 41" long (64mm x 1m), the strong band offers 100-140 lbs (45-63 kg) of tension. We recommend this heavy duty band is for athletes 250 lbs+ who can do less than 5 unassisted pullups. It's a big boy's best friend.

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    Resistance Range

    60 - 150 lbs

    Ideal For

    Front LeverMuscle UpPlanchePull Ups

Calisthenics Bands - Calisthenics Workout Equipment

The Bodyweight Training Equipment Multi-Tool

Calisthenics stems from ancient Greek words kalós,"beauty," and sthénos, "strength." This natural bodyweight training street workout builds functional strength, improves physique, and requires minimal calisthenics equipment.

Exercise bands are a valuable training tool that accelerates progressions by using elastic assistance to help offset your bodyweight when doing calisthenics and weight training.

Find out below how to use resistance calisthenics bands for exercises including: pull-ups, muscle-ups, front levers, back levers, planches, flags, and handstands. Incorporating daily calisthenics into your current work out regimen will help tremendously in building muscle and improving your physique. Best of all, you need very little calisthenics workout equipment in order to perform this workout method. You can even do calisthenics at home as long as you have the proper resistance bands and products. Get the body you’ve always wanted with the calisthenics workout plan.

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The Bodyweight Training Equipment Multi-Tool

How to Use Calisthenics Weight Training Bands

  • Front Lever

    Front Lever

    This bodyweight training leverage exercise strengthens your entire upper body and core. Resistance bands are a valuable training tool for front levers as they allow for natural progressions in strength and calisthenics training variability.

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Kickstart Your Calisthenics Game

Calisthenics equipment kits designed for all fitness levels

RubberBanditz offers a selection of resistance bands and accessories to scale any bodyweight training exercise. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking for an edge or a newbie just starting out, these kits make it easy for you to mix and match exercise bands for a well-rounded workout.

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Tips For Using Different Sized Calisthenics Bands

Customize the amount of resistance needed for each exercise

Train smarter with different sized bands as you get stronger and try new progressions.

  • Start with the heavy band to increase you pull up count

  • Lead in with the robust band to boost explosive pullups

  • Scale up to the power band for assisted muscle ups

Do More Reps and Accelerate Strength Gains with Drop Sets.

Perform sets of any static or dynamic exercise in rapid succession. You'll want more assistance the more you fatigue.

  • Do as many reps as possible with a lighter resistance band

  • Switch to a heavier band for more assistance in the next set

  • Combine both resistance bands and eek out the last drop set

What our customers are saying

  • "I rarely buy calisthenics equipment, which is part of why I like it, but these bodyweight training bands are a necessity. I never would have gotten my muscle-up without them."

    James D.
    Happy Rubberbanditz Customer

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