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Individual Bands

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  • Agility Resistance Band

    Agility Resistance Band

    (2 Reviews)


    1.75" x 6' (45mm x 1.8m) with 50-100 lbs (23-45 kg). Increase ground force mobility and foot speed. Sprint, hop, backpedal, shuffle, bear crawl or slide as the speed band resists forward motion and builds power. Adaptable for all sports training drills.

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    Resistance Range

    175 - 225

    Ideal For


  • Explosive Resistance Band

    Explosive Resistance Band

    (3 Reviews)


    2" x 10' (50mm x 3m) with 70-150 lbs (31-68 kg) this speed training band builds athletes from the ground up. Secure to any sturdy anchor or partner and feel the resistance of elastic drag. Popular for power drills where athletes explode up or forward.

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    Resistance Range

    225 - 275

    Ideal For

    Bear CrawlPartner Running

Foot speed and mobility training with speed bands

Speed Resistance Bands for Sprinting, Jumping, & Agility

Foot speed and mobility training with speed bands

Gain rapid-fire quickness and improve power and explosiveness using our 6’ and 10’ speed bands as a catalyst. Our agility enhancing run and sprint bands enhance ground force mobility and engage slow and fast twitch muscles fibers by adding resistance to forward motion.

Unlock training gains by adding ascending motion restriction with our speed resistance bands to nearly any agility and speed training regimen. Use our waist resistance bands to stimulate movement efficiency, improve reaction time, accelerate foot speed, enhance lateral quickness, and amplify vertical explosiveness. When incorporating our speed and agility resistance bands into your workout, you will be able to see a noticeable difference throughout your overall athletic performance and strength. Try adding a jump stretch band to your exercises today.

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How to use Speed Bands to Improve Vertical and Lateral Explosiveness

Sprint faster, Jump Higher, and Increase Power

pullup band, pullup exercise step1

Sprinting: Accelerate foot speed and reaction time

pullup exercise step2

Jumping: Enhance vertical leap speed and height

pullup exercise step3

First Step Explosion: Power off the line or starting blocks

pullup exercise step4

Footwork: Improve lateral and horizontal agility

Rapid-Fire Results with Running Bands

Speed training band kits created for athletes of all levels

As running band pioneers, our speed bands have become popular for training drills from youth to pro athletes in sports including: track and field, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, and baseball, and hockey. Below are our kit options that can be used interchangeably for any sport:

  • Basic Speed Band

    Resistance Training Set

    Basic Speed Band

    The speed training band basics for athletes of all ages, sizes, and abilities

    6 ft + 41 in bands: Two different sizes offers two different options, with and without partners, for speed training. The 41" band is also useful for squats, lunges and stretching.


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  • Deluxe Speed Band

    Resistance Training Set

    Deluxe Speed Band

    Forceful training set for building speed, power, and explosive ground force mobility

    6 ft + 10 ft bands: The dynamic sprinting band duo can tackle any power or agility drill, regardless if you are training quick burst, plyometrics, or stationary footwork.


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  • Deluxe Speed Band

    Resistance Training Set

    Deluxe Speed Band

    Full stack speed band series with enough options to power a small team

    6 ft + 10 ft + 41 in bands: The full series offers enough equipment to share or structure high-intensity interval training circuits. Also ideal for elite athletes with diverse training regimens.


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What our customers are saying

  • "We used to used parachutes on the track to give us resistance back when I trained as a college athlete. Now that I’m several years out and just trying to stay in shape, I’ve found the big rubber running bands I bought from rubberbanditz are easy to bring with me outside and easy to use with my workout partner. She hates when I bring it out lol."

    Michelle Miller

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