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Snap Resistant Bands

Snap Resistant Bands

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Individual Bands

Size and Use Cheat Sheet

  • Light Resistance Band

    Light Resistance Band

    (5 Reviews)


    ¼” wide x 41" long (6mm x 1m), the light band provides 5-15 lbs (2-7 kg) of resistance and is excellent for high rep exercises. The perfect tool for warm-ups and strengthening smaller muscle groups, particularly around shoulders and arms.

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    Resistance Range

    5 - 15 lbs

    Ideal For

    Bicep CurlThrusterTricep ExtensionsWarm Up

  • Medium Resistance Band

    Medium Resistance Band

    (10 Reviews)


    1/2" wide x 41" long, the medium band provides 15-35 lbs (7-16 kg) of resistance. This versatile band is used to engage every upper body or lower body muscle group -- A perfect size resistance band for high-rep strength training.

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    Resistance Range

    20 - 35 lbs

    Ideal For

    Chest PressLat PulldownPushupsRows

  • Heavy Resistance Band

    Heavy Resistance Band

    (7 Reviews)


    7/8" wide x 41" long (22mm x 1m) with 30-50 lbs (14-23 kg) of tension, the heavy band is widely used for several exercises including assisted pull-up, squats, presses, rows, deadlifts, and stretching.

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    Resistance Range

    30 - 50 lbs

    Ideal For

    Chest PressSquatStretchingThruster

  • Robust Resistance Band

    Robust Resistance Band

    (8 Reviews)


    1 1/8" wide x 41" long (30mm x 1m), offering 50-80 lbs (23-36 kg) of resistance. This is a perfect training tool for your calisthenics pullups, pole fitness, squats, and splits training. This is the most popular resistance band we sell for a reason.

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    Resistance Range

    40 - 80 lbs

    Ideal For

    Leg StretchPull UpsSquat

  • Power Resistance Band

    Power Resistance Band

    (8 Reviews)


    1.75" wide x 41" long (45mm x 1m) with 70-100 lbs (31-45 kg) of resistance. This heavy duty band will about guarantee your first pull-up or improve your deadlift. Because of the thickness, you will likely never need to replace this band.

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    Resistance Range

    50 - 120 lbs

    Ideal For

    Muscle UpPull Ups

  • Strong Resistance Band

    Strong Resistance Band

    (1 Review)


    2.5" wide x 41" long (64mm x 1m) with 100-140 lbs (45-63 kg) of resistance. This mega band is recommended for athletes 250 lbs+ who are able to do less than 5 unassisted pullups, or are using them for resistance on powerlifting squats.

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    Resistance Range

    60 - 150 lbs

    Ideal For

    Muscle UpPlanchePull Ups

Portable Resistance Training Band Kits

Take your gym with you anywhere with portable resistance exercise equipment

Make your gym as mobile as you arewith ourportable fitness equipment. Use our 41”travel resistancebands to simulate, supplement, or substitute a normal gym workout. The unique circular design of our bands, combined with the accompanying accessories creates veritable full body training platform.

Leverage the power of resistance to stretch, stabilize, and strengthen every major muscle group in your body. Whether you are looking forhome fitness equipmentorportable exercise equipment for on the go use, Rubberbanditz is your perfect solution.The bands have a broad spectrum of utility and can be used for both resistance training (ie pushing or pulling the bands) as well as assisted bodyweight training (ie assisted pullups).

Ourtravel exercise equipment is durable, compact, and versatile, making them the perfect addition to your home gym or carry on bag. Below is a overview showing several key ways to use your RubberBanditz.

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Take your gym with you anywhere with portable resistance exercise equipment

How Do I Use Resistance Bands for Mobile Fitness?

  • Deadlift


    In a bent-over position with palms facing your body, pull yourself up with your core and raise your chest until you are in an upright position. Keep arms by your side and back straight. Slowly lower torso back to starting position by pulling your hips back and keeping your shoulders over your ankles. Tips: All body movement should originate by bending at...

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Resistance Band Training Made Smarter

Locked and Loaded with Looped Exercise Band Sets

Each resistance band in our portable resistance training equipment sets are assembled to meet the comprehensive needs of a full body workout. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking for a little boost or a newbie just starting out, these kits make it easy for you to mix and match bands together. You’ll find it convenient to have a continuum of resistance levels since each band offers a different range of potential exercises, and each person has muscle groups that are stronger than others. *The RubberBanditz Mobile Gym Kits were born in the US Peace Corps as a way to bring your workout with you anywhere.

  • Basic Resistance Band

    Mobile Gym Kit

    Basic Resistance Band

    Ideal for youth and beginner fitness enthusiasts

    Builds functional strength, stability, and flexibility. The lightweight profile makes it easy to transport and store anywhere for a resistance band home gym or on-the-go travel.


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  • Standard Resistance Band

    Mobile Gym Kit

    Standard Resistance Band

    Ideal for beginner-intermediate adults who need a range of light to heavy resistance

    Basic Kit + the heavy band. Effectively strengthen every muscle group in the body and get a well-rounded workout


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  • Deluxe Resistance Band

    Mobile Gym Kit

    Deluxe Resistance Band

    Ideal for intermediate-advanced fitness enthusiasts looking for a full range of resistance

    Standard Kit + robust band for max strength gain. Provides a fully self-contained functional training gym with assisted pullup functionality.


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Tips For Using Different Exercise Bands

Customize the resistance needed for each exercise

Chart your progress as you get stronger, or build variety into your workout, by combining bands to adjust the tension as needed

  • Start with a light or medium resistance band

  • Intensify by swapping out for a heavier resistance band

  • Combine both bands for maximum resistance

Calibrate the exact amount of resistance needed for each exercise

Think of each exercise band as a different fitness multi-tool in your toolkit.

  • Engage smaller muscles groups with low resistance

  • Target stronger muscle groups with more resistance

  • Challenge your strongest muscle groups with the most resistance

What our customers are saying

  • "These are the best exercise bands I’ve used. They give me an incredible strength training weapon I use to build explosiveness and power. They are one of the few accessories I take with me everywhere!"

    Vincent Jackson @vincentjackson_83
    Wide Receiver NFL

Endless Possibilities

Learn more about how resistance bands can enhance almost any workout

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