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Full Selection of Rubberbanditz Rings

  • Standard Ring

    Standard Ring


    Men's dome-shaped rubber ring 8.7mm width Available in gold, silver, titanium, bronze, black

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    Resistance Range

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  • Unisex Ring

    Unisex Ring


    Unisex dome-shaped rubber ring 5.6 mm width Available in gold, silver, titanium, bronze, black

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  • Recessed Edge Ring

    Recessed Edge Ring

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    Men's recessed edge-shaped rubber ring 8.7mm width Available in gold, silver, titanium, bronze, black

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  • Womens Stackable Ring

    Womens Stackable Ring


    Women's stackable rubber ring 2.5 mm width Available in Olive / Dark Gray / Bronze / Dark Red or White / Light Teal / Peach / Fuscia

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Be active and attractive with RubberBanditos rubber rings

Rubber Wedding Bands Made With Silicone

Be active and attractive with RubberBanditos rubber rings

Ask any RubberBanditos rubber ring wearer how much they love their active lifestyle ring, and undoubtedly hear nothing but jubilation. Our silicone rings are comfortable, durable, and modern, able to withstand even the toughest workouts without being damaged or causing discomfort.

Although silicone wedding bands may not carry the same level of mental significance or price tag as traditional wedding bands, ours look the same as precious metals. You can find our womens and mens silicone rings in a variety of colors and designs. In fact, the metallic color is baked into our allergen-free silicone to give each rubber wedding ring an Earth metal appearance.

One of the best parts about getting a ring made of silicone is that you can wear your rubber wedding bands without worrying about damaging your diamond or scratching an expensive wedding band. Workout, clean, hike, bike, or do any other activity you enjoy doing with these rubber wedding rings. No matter what kind of active lifestyle you may be living, rubber rings will be your perfect accessory.

You don’t need a traditional wedding band to show your commitment. Enjoy your favorite activities with the comfort of our athletic wedding bands. Created with durable silicone material, our wide range of active wedding bands offer both comfort and style for men and women.

RubberBanditos feel better on your finger too, you’ll forget you’re even wearing a ring! Worrying about losing engagement rings, damaging a diamond wedding band, or suffering from a swollen ring finger are yesterday's problems. We’ve engineered the perfect silicone wedding rings that you can wear for workouts, work outside, or working it on the dance floor.

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Why Should I Wear a Rubber Flexible Wedding Ring?

Here's how to use

lost ring

Nothing feels worse than taking your original wedding ring off for a workout and permanently misplacing it. I know from experience! [Owner of RubberBanditz]

Jammed Finger

Every year hundreds of people jam their fingers while wearing a ring and have to make painful decisions about what to do. Don’t be a statistic!

Workout Ring

They look great, feel great, and can be worn anywhere. If you lose it, get another one -- if you don’t like it or it doesn't’ fit, we’ll fix it!

Money Ring

Save your money -- rings don’t compound interest and diamonds aren’t rare. A comfy ring that fits and suits you well is a worthy investment.

Which Silicon Rubber Wedding Band is Right for You?

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The Rubberbanditz Ring Difference

  • The metallic color in our women’s and men’s silicone wedding bands are baked into the ring to ensure the color never rubs off or fades over time

    Each rubber ring is made of surgical grade silicone and delicately engineered to precise dimension

What our customers are saying

  • "Losing my wedding ring was one of the crappiest things that has ever happened to me, I was truly devastated. Fortunately, I discovered the RubberBanditos rubber gold wedding ring and was able to get one that looked like my original gold wedding ring to sub in temporarily [...] But I’ve loved it so much that it has become permanent."

    Leon Schuhmann

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