Military Press

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Also called a shoulder press. Stabilize one band under each foot with the ends close to your heels. With arms out laterally and elbows bent at 90°, push up until your arms are extended above your head.


  • Keep back straight and abs tight to avoid lower back strain.
  • Take a wider stance or loop the bands to raise resistance.
  • Use a bar to balance and lower overall resistance.


  1. Start by bending the knees and then explode your arms up to engage your glutes along with your shoulders, also called a push press
  2. Lift one band at a time, moving arms in opposition to isolate each deltoid.
  3. Seated: Fasten two bands on either side of you or wrap one band under a low post.
  4. Raise bands in a straight line behind your head to engage trap muscles.

Target Muscles:

deltoids (front)|deltoids (medial)|traps



Anchor Point Height:





upright | seated