Today we have guest bloggers Tania and Olivia bringing us ways to work out while pregnant! At Rubberbanditz we want you to be able to workout in all locations and conditions, so check out these great tips for living a fit, pregnant lifestyle .

1. Walking

Walking is a suitable prenatal exercise for almost every pregnant woman. Running isn't recommended during pregnancy unless you were already a runner before you conceived, but walking is one of the safest exercises around. A 30-minute walk outside gives you a gentle cardio workout, helps tone leg muscles as well as working the buttocks and the abdomen. The benefits of walking during pregnancy  don't end there, though — a good stroll also fights fatigue, mood swings, high blood pressure, and constipation. These are all frequent pregnancy complaints most expectant moms would love to get rid of!

2. Swimming

Swimming makes the body nearly weightless, and works nearly every muscle in the body. During the later stages of pregnancy, when yous center of gravity has shifted and you are more prone to sports injuries, swimming is one of the best prenatal exercises. Besides burning calories and building stamina, swimming is also very relaxing for most people. That is why swimming helps prevent pregnancy insomnia. If you have problems with edema, your local pool is an especially great choice for you.

3. Prenatal yoga


Photo credit: lululemon athletica via Flickr Community Commons

Yoga combines physical exercise with meditation, so your mind gets a workout along withyour body. Prenatal yoga is especially adapted to mothers-to-be, and may include breathing exercises and work those muscles you will be using during birth. Some studies have shown that prenatal yoga can decrease lower back problems as well as preterm labor, so you will be working for your baby's health as well as your own.

4. Bicycling

Opponents of cycling during pregnancy say that you can fall off your bike, and hurt your baby. The Dutch know that cycling keeps you fit and healthy all the way through your pregnancy, as long as you have a sensible bike with a good saddle and stick to flat landscapes. Cycling actually uses an awful lot of muscles, and it will definitely benefit women who want to go into their labor well-prepared. Those women who want the benefits of cycling but are afraid of falling can consider riding a training bike at the gym.

5. Weight training during pregnancy

Weight training may not be a "typical" prenatal exercise, but with the right precautions it can be an excellent way to keep fit while you are expecting. Do check with your healthcare provider before commencing or continuing a weight lifting regime. Walking lunges, which carry a risk of pelvic injuries, should be avoided. Most women should also temporarily use lighter weights. You can step your efforts up again when you are working on weight loss after pregnancy !

Other things that keep you fit

6. DIY

Everyone who is expecting a baby has some DIY to do! Are you are decorating your baby's nursery, renovating a whole new house, or just putting a crib together? All of these things count as a workout. Of course, you shouldn't tackle heavy, large objects all by yourself. Standing up on a ladder when you have a large pregnant belly is also discouraged, because you can fall over!

7. Sex

Unless your doctor says otherwise, sex is a great way to keep fit during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses and your tummy's circumference increases, woman-on-top sex is probably the only position that will feel comfortable. Be assured that you can burn a nice number of calories this way!

8. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises make the pelvic floor muscles stronger, which may make your labor and delivery easier and your postpartum recovery quicker. With the pelvic floor muscles, you also indirectly strengthen your abdominal muscles.

9. Not always giving in to pregnancy cravings

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal and healthy, but no pregnant woman should actually be "eating for two". If you're anything like most expectant mothers, you crave fatty foods and sugar. Say no to these cravings at least some of the time, and you will be fitter and thinner.

10. A good doctor who isn't hysterical about pregnancy

If you've got a doctor who says that you should limit yourself to stretching exercises even if your pregnancy is completely uncomplicated, it's probably time to look elsewhere for your medical care. A good OBGYN will agree that exercise is one of the keys to a healthy and pleasant pregnancy, and will encourage working out rather than trying to scare you.

Olivia blogs about fertility and pregnancy at Trying To Conceive.