Meet Willie Murphy. She is your typical insanely strong power lifter. She can do one-handed pushups, one-handed pull ups, the power curl at sixty pounds, deadlift 215 pounds, and came in first in her division in the deadlift competition at WNPF World Championships. Oh wait, I forgot to mention, she’s a hundred and five pounds and seventy seven years old.

Willie says she started weight training when she entered a seniors’ track and field division. Wanting an extra edge, she tried lifting.  Fast forward four years and she is the World Natural Powerlifting Federation's 2014 Lifter of the Year! Her philosophy, “I never say I can’t; I say I will try.”

Willie is one kick ass grandma. Let’s use her as motivation to work hard at the gym. If she can do it, there is really no excuse for the rest of us.