Ready to put your workout bands to good use? If you’ve had a Rubberbanditz work out band for awhile, you know the millions of easy ways you can use the product to get a quick, effective workout in. However, while its easy to figure out how to utilize the workout bands to perform killer tricep exercises and burn out your biceps, one muscle that you might be ignoring is the abdominals. And lets be real, we ALL want sexy, sculpted, and strong abs. But never fear, we came up with an exercise that will help to get your abdominals in tip top shape in no time, using just your workout bands and a pull up bar.

Transverse Abdominals Killer

This is the lowest and hardest muscle to target within the abdominal muscles. Its also the muscle that rests underneath that muffin top that you’re trying to get rid of, making it an important muscle to target.

1) Attach the workout bands to the pull up bar


2) Grab the pull up bar with both hands


3) Put both feet into the loop, one at a time

one leg

4) Keeping your back and legs straight, lift your legs to parallel with the ground