Now that you know why it is important to get those legs working, let’s get to it!

Though there are lots of fancy routines and intricate ways to use your bands, we honestly love squats more than any other leg exercise. They are one of the most dynamic exercises to increase muscle mass, power and strength in your lower body. It actually recruits muscles from all over the body, and it is quite possibly the best exercise you can do to hone many leg muscles at once.

Before you begin, make sure you have reviewed our tips for working out your legs. Now let’s get to it!

For beginners: Try anchoring your band to a door strap and using it to help you balance while you work on your form (that means your bent knees do not go past your toes).

For non-beginners: Using your bands can help you maximize resistance both on the way down and up in your squat.

For both:

- Keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with all body weight on your heels.

- You should feel tension in thighs and buttocks, not the knees or back.

- Drop your buttocks lower for an added challenge.

- Your knees should not extend past your toes (if they do, you are leaning too far forward).

- Arch your back slightly inward and pinch your shoulder blades together.

- Point your toes outward to engage inner thigh muscles, and point them inward to engage outer thighs.

- Focus your eyes on a specific point in front of you to help you balance.


This exercise targets your quads, hams and glutes.

Stabilize one band under both feet and around shoulders.

Unlock your hips, drop your butt down as if to sit on a chair, and slowly squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Without bouncing at the bottom, push yourself up through your heels and back to an upright position.


Two bands: Stabilize one band under each foot with the other end crossed over your body and stabilized around the opposite shoulder. Insert a bar and rest it on your shoulders behind your neck.

Two bands: Stabilize one band under each foot with the other end wrapped over your shoulder and the handles attached.

Extend your arms up and hold the band(s) above your head to increase resistance.

One leg: Place one foot on a chair behind you and squat down with the other leg.