After the bed I slept in last night, all I could think about was a good shoulder stretch. Lucky for me, it’s shoulder week at the Rubberbanditz blog!

For a really satisfying shoulder stretch, check out the Loose Arm-ony post from a few weeks ago.

Stretching is important before and after a workout, but you probably already knew that. Stretching other times can be just as good for your sanity as it can for your body. Even those of us in tune with our exercising can sometimes forget why we do things.

Stretching is helps you avoid injury, and it helps you build muscle, which in turn helps you avoid injury. Even more than some other activities, acknowledging your limits in stretching is extremely important. The great part is that all it takes to see results (flexibility and peace of mind) is pushing yourself only to the point that you keep great form. You want to feel it, not hurt yourself!

So in honor of stretching, here are some links to relaxing stretches we have covered on the blog:

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