FitSugar, an online fitness community, posted a great article today about the benefits of resistance bands. It talks about a few of my favorite reasons: you can use them to target specific muscles and to reach some often neglected muscle groups, you can use them to up the intensity of some of your basic moves like push-ups and squats, and bands push you to work on your balance and coordination.

One thing it didn’t mention was how easy it is to use your bands everywhere. If your gym is like mine, too often there are not enough bands to go around and even the ones that are available are a bit outdated. My favorite thing about bands is that you really can do them anywhere and fit your workout in anytime.

Have you checked out our first office workout video? If you haven’t yet, why don’t you grab a band and try the workout while you read FitSugar’s article on resistance bands? It has links to few more exercises if you finish the article and are ready to move the workout away from your desk!