Resistance bands aren’t just a great way to get a workout; they’re also a tool that baseball pitching coaches have been using to train their players to use proper mechanics. Using a resistance band with a handle or ball attached to the end is a great way for players to iron out flaws in their mechanics and correct inefficiencies, allowing them to throw harder and reduce risk of injury. For example, suggests a few drills to check your mechanics:

One of the most common mistakes a pitcher will make is opening up too soon. They will open up their shoulder and hips prematurely before foot strike. To feel that this isnt mechanically correct, purposely open your hips and shoulders before foot strike and pull the elastic chord forward. What do you feel? Do you feel less power?

Another common mechanical flaw is to lift your pivot foot up too soon before release of the baseball. To prove for yourself that this will decrease your pitching velocity, try it with the elastic band. Once you lift your pivot foot too soon (before release) the stretched elastic band will start pulling you back. You know you have lost power; you also know you shouldn’t do it.

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