It's officially holiday season—a time many of us have been eagerly awaiting all year long! It is the time of year for family gatherings and fun: Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas. Unfortunately, many of the bonding ceremonies and traditions involve food, and not necessarily the healthy food that will allow you to emerge into the New Year with a tone and fit body. So, while I highly recommend continuing your workouts despite the cold ( after all with Rubberbanditz mobile gym kit you can work out inside of your home), why not add in some of these fun, unusual calorie burners into your daily routine in order to beat holiday weight gain?

  1. Sleep: Yes, we know you’re busy, but studies show that people that are well rested have a faster metabolism rate than those running off four hours or less of sleep! So, hit the sheets and burn calories while also getting enough rest to complete your morning workouts in order to burn even more.
  2. Clean: Okay, so it’s not anyone’s favorite task, but it will be useful and further you along to your fitness goal. Think about it, all of the lifting, and moving, and scrubbing, is using a variety of muscles each time you complete a task. Plus, it will leave your home tidy for all of those great holiday gatherings you have planned.
  3. Shopping: Need an excuse to head to the mall or over indulge at the grocery store? Just tell all naysayers that you are pounding the pavement in order to add more cardio to your day and work out different muscles by hauling shopping bags. It’s true!
  4. Stay hydrated: Just like lack of sleep, dehydration will slow down your metabolism, so make sure to drink plenty of water!
  5. Wear heels: Yes ladies, walking in heels will not only make your leg look great, it will also tone your calves. However, wearing heels too much , or ill-fitting heels, can lead to injury. Make sure your heels fit properly and try not to wear them too much.
  6. Kissing: Hang up the mistletoe! Kissing can burn up to 68 calories per hour.

We’ve shown you our last of unusual , calorie burners so now it's your turn? Do you have any you’ve heard of and would like to share?