In pilates and yoga, there is always the next step. If you have mastered balancing with a block, try removing the block. If you have mastered the move with two hands on the ground, try removing one.

Rubberbanditz are great for helping you take yourself to the next level. Today, we are looking at Warrior 3 Kickbacks with a Rubberbanditz resistance band twist.

While performing this move, remember to focus on a few things:

  • Keep your shoulders back, chest open and hips aligned forward
  • Balance your body weight across the sole of your standing foot while keeping your standing knee soft
  • Switch feet halfway through or perform one set on each foot

Warrior 3 - Kickbacks

You will need one resistance bands, a door strap, 2 carabiners (optional) and 2 hand grips (optional)

Start with minimal resistance on the band. Draw one leg back and lean your torso forward, keeping your back straight and navel to the spine.

Warrior 3 Kickbacks Starting Position

Pull your forearms back as far as possible while keeping elbows by your side.

Warrior 3 Kickbacks Position 2

This exercise is part of our Rubberlates exercise routines. Check them out in our store.