Rubberbanditz bands are already integral training tools for Parkour training and CrossFit WODs, and now they have been adopted by another ass kickin' edgy training platform. Barstarzz has officially partnered with Rubberbanditz to amp up their already insane workouts.

Barstarzz is an explosive group of street workout experts who leverage their athletic prowess to perform superhuman creative calisthenics. Barstarzz is about more than jaw-dropping-pull-your-shirt-over-your-head-and-run-out tricks (watch their videos, there is some INCREDIBLE stuff), it's a whole fitness enterprise determined to inspire people to work out in natural ways and push their physical limits.

They recently began to use Rubberbanditz bands in their training regiment to increase upper body functional strength and core stability. Below is a video they created to demonstrate Rubberbanditz assisted pull ups, muscle-ups, dips, and push-ups. You can also check out some more of their videos here.

Assisted Pull Ups

  1. Tie your Rubberbanditz band to the pull up/monkey bar
  2. Step one foot into the band and cross the other one over
  3. Pull yourself up

To maximize your workout, switch up with different resistance levels. Try just a few reps at each level to increase your endurance.

Muscle Ups

  1. Start with the same set up as your pull up
  2. Muscle up over the bar


  1. Wrap the band over your shoulders
  2. Put your bands over your hands
  3. Do the dips as you normally would 

Push Ups

  1. Wrap the band over your back
  2. Smack your palms over the band
  3. Push up against the resistance