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The tradition of New Year's resolutions is as old as Babylon yet how many of us actually follow through. According to research by Professor Richard Wiseman of University of Hertfordshire, only 12% of participants in a resolution study achieved their goals. So my guess is you probably haven't made good faith on your New Year's resolution. Yet the year isn't finish so you have time to make progress. So here are five quick start tips to help reach those resolutions.

1) Set Reasonable Goals:

A few months ago a friend approached me to train with him for a triathlon. I thought he was out his mind but he seemed gung-ho - never mind he's never ran or bike competitively. Well, that was December and now it's March - still no wheels are churning. Like my friend and many, we set lofty goals yet fail to commence. While lofty goals can serve as long-term aspirations, short term goals are necessary to keep you motivated and keep moving.

2) Enjoyment is a factor:

I'm sure you've heard of the old saying 'no pain no gain.' Yes, straining the body is necessary to build muscle and endurance yet who ever said you have to die miserably to shed a few extra pounds. In lieu of monotonous old workouts, spice up your fitness goals with activities you enjoy. Some great aerobic activities are dancing, bicycling, rock climbing and rollerblading. For a 155 lbs person an hour of dance can burn 300 plus calories while a moderate bike ride can burn 550 plus calories. Unsure where to begin next? Checkout your local municipal governments. Many municipalities offer different classes and services at reasonable rates.

3) Accountability:

Yes, the buddy system is in - what you learned in Kindergarten still applies. In all seriousness, beginning new fitness goals can be challenging and stressful. Share the burden with a friend. It's those blue days where an accountability partner will come in handy to give you the extra push to endure to beyond the finish line.

4) Convenience:

If you are slightly unmotivated about meeting your goals, why make it hard on yourself? Make your workout schedule convenient to your life and general behaviors. Hit up gyms within a five mile radius of your house. If you don't want to leave to comfort of your home explore at-home work options, like Rubberbanditz Resistant Bands or Pilates. Rubberbanditz offers a complete in-home gym solution for toning, stretching and strengthening using exercise bands, while Pilates offer a great core-centric workout to enhance your ergonomics. You can also try double dipping by using Pilates workout bands to get the best of both worlds. If you are at a loss when you can fit exercise into a already busy schedule, sit down and evaluate your agenda and priorities with a red marker.

5) Rest Go. Go. Go Inspector Gadget Go:

Yes even from the Saturday morning cartons, we have been conditioned to be constantly moving. Rest is necessary to allow for memory processing, restoration, and preservation.

So stop stalling and start taking healthier steps forward.