Want to incorporate pull-ups into your workout, but not quite able to complete a full set of pull-ups on your own yet? Use your Rubberbanditz resistance bands to do assisted pull-ups!

Assisted pull-ups, popularized by CrossFit, are a great way to strengthen your entire upper body by doing pull-ups with the assistance of our power bands. Pull-ups are an extraordinary multi-joint exercise, which means that it incorporates a set of complex movements that engage multiple muscle groups. This offers a few distinct advantages:

1. Efficiency : You burn more calories because more muscles are engaged.

2.Functional Training : Tones your body as a unit, training your muscles to work synergistically.

3. Decreased Risk of Injury : The simultaneous activity of multiple muscle groups creates a harmonious pattern that helps to prevent injury during a

How to do assisted pull-ups with Rubberbanditz Resistance bands:











Start doing pull-ups today! Begin with assisted pull-ups and soon you’ll be doing them on your own. You can even vary how much assistance you receive from your Rubberbanditz resistance band by varying the strength of your band. For more information on doing assisted pull-ups and how to choose the perfect band for your fitness level, click here.