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Yoga increases your happiness and decreases your anxiety.

I could use summa’ that. I bet you could too. So let’s get our Rubberlates on!

This move might look familiar to you, and it should. It's a classic yoga move with a Rubberbanditz resistance band twist. This will add a little something extra to an ordinary move.

T-Shape Superman

Start with your arms out perpendicular to your body and your palms facing your feet.

In a fluid motion while keeping your navel drawn inward and upward toward the spine, raise your torso and legs off the floor.

Slide your shoulder blades into the imaginary pockets in your upperback for stabilization and pull your arms back as far as you can.

TShape Superman

Hold this static position for as long as possible while keeping these tips in mind:

- Squeeze your shoulder blades together

- Maintain navel drawn to spine

- Squeeze your glutes to feel like your pubic bone is flat on the ground

- Keep your neck long and straight