Rubberbanditz resistance bands can be used for as tools for a variety of physical training programs, one of which is Parkour

What is Parkour?

I like to think of Parkour as man versus the urban jungle. It is a type of physical conditioning based on the principle of teaching man to overcome whatever obstacle is in his path. It includes a variety of movements such as running, jumping, and climbing. It requires no equipment and can be completed by making an obstacle course out of your urban surroundings.

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Photo courtesy of samarnold22 via Flickr Creative Commons

How can bands help?

I previously said Parkour requires no equipment, so you’re probably wondering where Rulbberbanditz resistance plans come into play with Parkour. I’ll tell you! While not a necessity, resistance band training can be utilized to increase explosive power, allowing you to run faster and jump higher.

Check out the video:

For examples  resistance band exercises that will complement your parkour workouts, check out the below video!