Whether you were relaxing with friends, chilling with the family, or dealing with crazy relatives, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As long as I have a plate full of stuffing, turkey, and pumpkin pie, I’m ecstatic.  That being said, Thursday was all about consuming tons of carbs and proteins and today is all about turning that fuel into muscle!

We’re on a bit of a CrossFit kick at Rubberbanditz right now. But whether you’re a CrossFit champion or a couch potato super star, these exercises are sure to burn off all those extra calories from Thanksgiving.

 Bicep Pulls 

1) Face the band 

2) Step back and grab hold of it

3) Get into a lunge position 

4) Pull the band back 

Rubberbanditz Lunges 


1) Get yourself in the band and face away from it

2) Put one foot in front of the other 

3) Lunge all the way down