The weather is finally getting cold here in North Carolina – even a chance of flurries tonight – so it’s time to make our exercise routines festive.

No, we don’t mean wearing a Santa hat to the gym; we mean a new move: Squat Skiers.

This exercise is part of our Circuit Training Routine 1. Want to learn more about circuit training? Check out our post on it!

Squat Skiers

2 sets of 15 reps. Tempo is 2-3-2.

Start in a fetal position with your knees close to your chest.

Squat Skier Starting Position

Simultaneously push yourself up to a bent-over position while extending your arms back.

Squat Skier Position 2Squat Skier Position 3

Return to starting position while drawing your arms forward again. Keep your body weight on your heels.