Here is North Carolina, outside of the mountains, we are just getting into some good fall weather. It still gets into the upper 70s some days, but we are finally getting those chilly mornings.

Only problem? We are losing daylight!

If you are at the office 9 to 5, you’re missing out on the prime light. And I feel ya  - I’m not a big gym person. I like running outside, or grabbing the bands and hiking to a scenic spot to get my strength on. So when the light starts to go, it gets harder to fit those workouts in during the week.

Here’s my advice on how to keep up with the workout and not become a gym rat.

Be flexible. If you usually exercise right after work, but you know you have to stay late at the office one night, try squeezing in a workout in the morning. Breaking your routine is better than breaking your exercise goals.

Stay safe. If you are going to exercise outside in the dark, make sure you are wearing reflective gear, and try keeping a phone and flashlight with you at all times. Even better, get a workout buddy (or grab the pup – I’m sure he’ll love it!)

Dog using Rubberbanditz

This dog loves her Rubberbanditz mobile gym!

Wear layers. As it starts to get colder, layer up. Especially on those morning runs, it will start out extra cold and heat up as the sun rises. Keeping your body at a healthy temperature will help you avoid injury. That also means grabbing a sweatshirt if it is going to get colder as you jog at night.

Have a back-up plan. If you are anti-night exercise and get unexpectedly stuck at the office one night, have a workout you can rely on for these occasions. Yeah, working out in the living room sucks. But at least you are moving!