While the summer has been heating up, so has the calisthenics movement. With amazing athletes, like Barstarzz, it’s become something that everyone from your average joe to top fitness buffs are enjoying.

We are absolutely loving calisthenics and street workouts. Street workouts have the same mentality that Rubberbanditz has always had: creating effective exercises with minimal equipment. Rubberbanditz resistance bands are a great way to add extra oomph into your calisthenic exercises. Whether that means using the bands as a way to make your exercises harder or to give assistance to safely practice street workouts.

To show how effectively Rubberbanditz bands work with street workouts, we went to none other than the bars at Venice Beach, aka one of the most popular hangouts for calistenists. We gave them the bands and let them do their thing. Check out what they liked about the bands.

Resisted Push Ups

Meant to target pecs and triceps

  1. Position yourself in push-up position with hands closer to your body to isolate your triceps.

  2. Twist a band over, creating an X, and wrap it around your back.      

  3. Lie flat on your stomach with your hands just under your pecs.

push up 
        4. Push yourself up to a full arm extension.


  • Point toes down to help maintain your balance.

  • Remove the band to lower resistance.


  1. Place knees on the ground and form a triangle between your torso, arms and the floor.

  2. Position your hands closer together for a challenge.

  3. Hold yourself up in a motionless position, with your body off the ground for an added challenge (static resistance training).


Resisted Pull Ups

  1. Loop your feet through the bottom loop

pull ups      2. Grab on to the top of the bar
      3. Hoist your way up!

Biceps Pulls

  1. Attach the band to a stationary object

  2. Take a stance position



       3. With the resistance band in hand, bend your elbow and pull back