cuteAt my school’s track, there is a great set of pull up bars for people to work out on. However, the sad truth is that I totally cannot do a pull up. There is no way my arms can yank my entire body weight up there. Because I’m too intimidated to even try, I just continue to jog by without bothering to take advantage of the pull up bars. Not only is that a waste of equipment, but its a waste for me not take advantage of a great tool to workout. Now, with Rubberbanditz strength bands, I (and you!) am able to take full advantage of the pull up bars. There are several great exercises you can do with strength bands and pull up bars, that aren’t just plain old regular pull ups. One of the best, is the Rubberbanditz assisted pull up! With the help of the strength bands, everyone is able to practice correct form, as the strength bands give the support needed to perform an assisted pull up. And besides assisted pull ups, you can use your strength band and the pull up bar to perform many other fantastic exercises to get your body in shape!

For all of the following exercises, you’ll want to attach a Rubberbanditz Power band to the top of pull bar.

 Rubberbanditz Assisted Pull Ups!

pull ups


  1. Loop your feet through the bottom loop
  2. Grab on to the top of the bar
  3. Hoist your way up!

Arm Killer
  1. Grab on to the band with one hand
  2. Pull the band back behind you and the bar

Body Twists


  1. Grab onto the band with both hands
  2. Lift one knee to your chest
  3. Try to meet your knee and hands at around your stomach