One of the most common tips to get healthy or lose weight, etc.,  I have seen over the years is do exercises while you watch TV. Sit-ups on the commercial breaks, squats while you watch your favorite show (The Office anyone?), push-ups on the couch.

There is even a WikiHow page for how to exercise in front of the TV.

I cannot do it. When I crash in front of the TV, that is just what I want to do: crash.

This person over at FitSugar can do it all - strength train, stretch and yoga.

I can do stretching because it is relaxing. Sometimes I even enjoy watching TV on the treadmill or elliptical, if I make it to a gym with the personal TVs at each piece of equipment, as long as it is something like ESPN or a football game. But nothing more!

How about you? Can you workout in front of the TV? Do you enjoy it?