We’re only one week from the only holiday of the summer: 4th of July! July 4th is mostly  synonymous with barbeques and depending on your job, the day off. But of course the real reason we get a glorious day of drinking beers and flipping burgers in the backyard (or if you work in a service job, a way more busy day than usual) is because we’re celebrating the birth of our country. So to get in the patriotic spirit, we’ve got a super awesome contest to get you feeling Amurican.

If you’re into calisthenics, you’ve probably heard of the Human Flag. For those who aren’t, it’s an extremely impressive calisthenic exercise in which one grabs on to a poll and maintains a parallel stance with the ground. In honor of the 4th of July, we are offering a FREE Basic Calisthenics to the most patriotic human flag. To enter just post a patriotic photo of yourself doing the human flag, on instagram and tag @Rubberbanditz. HINT - body paint might be a good idea ;)

While well experienced calisthenics, probably have the Human Flag down, some of us might need a little a help in getting the perfect flag down. We’ve included a step by step tutorial, as well as how to incorporate your Rubberbanditz resistance bands for support.

1) Find the Right Pole

Find a pole that’s about two inches in diameter. Anything that’s too big or too small is going to hurt your hands or weaken your grip. Once you’ve found the pole, wrap the band over it or tie it around the pole.

2) Get Yourself Situated

Your goal is to make your arms form an angle of at least 90 degrees. Try putting your upper arm about six inches above your head and then see where your lower arm is most comfortable. Make sure your arms are straight and your elbows are locked. Wrap the band around the foot you plan to put on top.

3) Get Handsy

You want to have your palms facing opposite directions and both thumbs should be going toward the ground.

4) Swing Yourself On to the Pole

Facing the pole, push with your planned top leg back and then push up with the other one.

5) Holding It

If you’ve managed to do everything successfully, then you’re up for the final challenge; staying up. Really engage your arm, shoulders, and core and make sure your legs are closed tight.