I’m all about eating clean, but I always think there is no shame in splurging occasionally. While there is plenty deliciously yummy, healthy foods out there, every once in awhile you just need to have a scoop of ice cream or a few of your favorite chips. However, the problem is sticking to just a scoop or just a few. Having a small treat isn’t going to ring you up super high on the calorie meter, however the majority of us are eating way more than the recommended serving size. So while we look at the nutritional info and can live with the extra 100 or so calories of fat and sugar, we are likely getting way more as the portions we eat don’t match what the back of the box. That’s why today I’m compiling a list of all my favorite guilty foods to discuss the unhealthy reality when it comes to portion size.

1) Ice Cream

ice cream

           According to the back of my Haagen Daaz box, the amount of calories in one serving of ice cream is around 140 calories. Not bad for a dessert. However, that’s if you’re eating just one half cup of ice cream. If you are that’s great, but realistically you’ll probably end up eating more than one cup. And that’s if you’re serving yourself the classy way with a bowl and spoon. If you’re ever lazy (like me) and grab the tub with a spoon and snack on it while you’re watching tv, you can end up up eating waaaay more than the half cup. That means you’ll have just digested way more calories and sugar than you originally measured out.

2) Nuts 

        I’m nuts about nuts. They are delicious AND filled with protein and healthy fats. However, eat too many nuts and you’re taking in a lot of fat and calories. The recommended serving size for nuts is about 1 ounce. That’s going to come out around 150-200 calories. But this is what an ounce of nuts looks like.



So yeah, you know those tiny bags of peanuts they pass out on the plane? That’s basically the serving size you should be eating. But come on! That’s just not enough! However, upgrade to three or four hand fulls and you’re looking at a snack that’s around 500 calories.


3) Frozen Yogurt

fro yo

         The one dessert that I love above all is Frozen Yogurt. Its sweet, its tangy, its DELICIOUS. Plus yogurt is healthy, so its not even a real cheat snack :P The problem with froyo is that we are likely eating way more than we intended to. One ounce of frozen yogurt comes out to be around 30 calories. So if you get a four ounce serving of frozen yogurt and top it with some healthy fruits, you’ve got yourself a nice 200 calorie or so, healthy dessert. But lezbereal the best part of self serve frozen yogurt, is the SELF SERVE part. I love to pull that lever down! Plus, I’m super smart and money savvy (aka broke college student) and decide to sample every flavor (twice) before I actually start filling my cup (hey choosing flavors is a BIG decision). All you have to do is lick your tongue around it, suck on it and bam the little sample cup is reusable! However, each sample is probably around 20 or 30 calories by itself,.So when you add trying every flavor or so in plus your regular yogurt, you’ve gotten a fattening dessert.

4) Soda


           Generally, I steer clear of soda or stick to diet (I know I know that’s bad too). However, a nice refreshing coke or sprite is something a lot of people love. In the recommended serving size of soda, the average amount of calories comes up to be around 160. This doesn’t sound bad for a tasty beverage every once in awhile. However, this is if you are sticking to the recommended serving size of one cup. Its easy to over pour in your own house and if you’re going out to a restaurant, you’re likely getting way more. The serving sizes of soda at McDonald’s are:


Kids 12 oz.

Small 16 oz.

Med 21 oz.

Large 32 oz.


That means if you get a medium sized soda, you are likely getting nearly three times more than the recommended amount. Three times the calories and you might as well have just gotten fries instead.


5) Chips


       Man do I love potato chips. The first time I had them was when I was three. I thought they were so delicious, that I snuck off with the bag at a bbq and finished the whole thing by myself. Lays is right; you “can't eat just one.” However, this delicious snack is one of the biggest binge eating fails. Grab a handful of chips and its only around 150 calories. But that’s if you eat only ten! When I’m watching my reruns of Breaking Bad or Gossip Girl, ten is just not enough to get me through a whole episode. However, keep reaching in the bag and you’re getting a lot of salty and fatty calories.