Every wintertime workout warrior knows just how difficult it can be to stay motivated when temperatures dip. Facing the cold just doesn’t seem appealing when you can curl up with some hot cocoa and watch Netflix. But if you’re focused on strength training, you’ll lose a lot of ground if you regularly skip workouts during the winter. To help motivate you, here are some tips for how you can get outside and maintain your strength-training progress during winter:

Use Rubberbanditz resistance bands. Resistance bands are handy because unlike your home dumbbell set they’re easy to take anywhere. So, if you head to your local park, you won’t be limited to push-ups and squats. Rubberbanditz resistance bands are extremely versatile, allowing you to strengthen your core, arms, and legs in a variety of different exercises anywhere you go.

Make the most of all your outdoor time. In winter, sunlight is a precious resource. Because the days are shorter, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to improve your strength, and that may mean doing a little multi-tasking. For example, bring your Rubberbanditz bands along with you when you take your dog to the dog park. While your dog gets exercise, you can run through some strengthening sets with your bands. Not sure where your local dog park is? Here’s a great list of options from the nation’s major regions:


Los Angeles, CA

Charlotte, NC

Fort Worth, TX

Milwaukee, WI

Pasadena, TX

Jacksonville, FL

Tucson, AZ

Pittsburgh, PA

Murfreesboro, TN


Do some yoga in the great outdoors. Outdoor yoga gives you the opportunity to get some extra vitamin D, which helps improve mood, and helps you feel more grounded. Find a peaceful place that gets plenty of sunlight so that you can stay as warm as possible. Then, choose a yoga practice that is suited for the outdoors. For an added challenge, if you know how to do so safely, incorporate your Rubberbanditz bands into your yoga practice.


Go back to school. That’s right many schools have great options for winter outdoor workouts. Perhaps the best place for strength training are school bleachers. You can strengthen leg muscles through sprints and squats and then use the bleachers for push-ups to work your core and arms.


While the cold temps can be less than inviting, there are many great ways to keep up your strength training in winter. Chances are when you find the right workout or set of workouts for you and start seeing the results that come with that hard work, you’ll be motivated to get moving no matter what the weather.


About the Author: Jennifer Scott shares stories about the ups and downs of her anxiety and depression at SpiritFinder.