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Get smarter and stronger with powerlifting bands!

Why have powerlifting bands become so popular?

Our 41” and 12” lifting bands are a natural compliment to weightlifting for two reasons: The first is because they dynamically engage your muscles and force them to contract differently than using iron alone. As your muscles contract and exert force, the bands stretch farther and the resistance increases exponentially. As band's tension increases your muscles are challenged with a higher level of tension. Similarly, as your muscles contract they giver greater force. This symbiotic relationship [increased tension during increased muscular force] allows for optimal muscle strengthening efficiency.

The second reason is that bands place less stress on joints than free weights because they are not bound the laws of gravity. Bands retract in the direction they are pulled whereas weights only exert a force downward. Because of this, strength bands are ideal powerlifting working accessory for both warming up and scaling your workout intensity.

Add our strength bands to beef up any lift including squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, curls, rows, and presses. Our bands can be used in nearly any powerlifting exercise, with or without weights! Resistance levels can easily be modified by adding, moving or looping bands.

As an overview, weight lifting bands:

  • Add ascending resistance to your weight training exercises
  • Provide a safe platform to scaling intensity with minimal stress on joints
  • Are a dynamic warm-up tool to help prevent injury
  • Can be used a supplement or substitute for iron
  • Help build explosive strength

Which powerlifting bands are best for you? Click the link below.

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