Pole Band Bible

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  • Learn: Master the fundamentals with pole star, Lindsay Lithe
  • Read: In-depth training to accelerate progress on 20 pole exercise
  • Watch: Demo videos for proper technique using bands on the pole
  • Train: Perform beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts
  • Bonus: Learn new tips, tricks and injury prevention techniques
600+ How-To Videos

600+ How-To Videos


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Snap Resistant Bands

Snap Resistant Bands

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This pole band training masterpiece was created in collaboration with Lindsay Lithe, one of the foremost strength training experts in the pole industry. She takes an in-depth look at areas where her clients often struggle and applies proven techniques to break through strength plateaus, increase flexibility and muscular endurance, and prevent shoulder injury.

Inside, she elaborately dissects movement patterns of 20 pole exercises and breaks them down with detailed instructions on how to correctly perform each exercise, stretch, and pole trick. Each exercise is accompanied by demo videos to help hammer home the fundamentals and ensure proper form as you scale through each progression.

This complete training guide delivers the necessary building blocks for developing functional strength, preventing injury, and learning how to strategically integrate RubberBanditz bands into your pole training. Polers of all levels will find the exercise library and guided workouts valuable in this robust resource.

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Product DisclaimerOur premium bands are made from natural rubber latex which is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens). Effects of use by people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.
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