For this workout we're going to focus on TIME instead of reps.

We're going to do 4 sets of each exercise with no break in between the exercises - but a 2 minute break between circuits (upon completion of one set of all 4 exercises). Each exercise will be performed for 1 minute each.

This is a great fat burning workout and you can adjust the intensity by using different bands! Let's get it going! Clock Jumps: 1 Min Unilateral Rows: 1 Min each arm Boxer Press: 1 minute Arm Circles: 1 minute in each direction REPEAT x4 Let us know what you think! We're going to be putting out a new workout series every week! Stay Strong Banditz. Details: This workout focuses on keeping up your heart rate. Real strength is forged when you've got absolutely nothing left - so push yourself as hard as you can for the time allotted for each exercise. Wear away all the energy you've got until all you're pushing through with is pure will power. On the other side, this circuit is great for fat loss. It's intensity and "High Rev" nature will get your heart rate up, and make sure you get those calories running for their money!

This is a full body workout but the main muscles that are focused on in this circuit are:

Clock Jumps: Legs (cardio)

Unilateral Rows: Back/Arms

Boxer Press: Chest/Legs/Arms

Arm Circles: Shoulders/Arms