Marriage is built and held together by communication, love, and trust. However, the way we signify the union between two people is held together by something maybe not so durable! Wedding rings can be remarkably fragile, along with being easily scratched and dented, diamonds popping out and constantly being taken on and off which only increases the chance of losing that precious band!

As a way to combat this, silicone rings have boomed in popularity recently across a number of varying industries, even though these bands have actually been made since the 90s! Originally, silicone bands were mostly sold to those who worked in factories, kitchens, construction work or a similar field of work where getting a ring caught in something could cause severe injury.

Nowadays, along with new marketing platforms and strategies, the interest in silicone rings has taken hold within the fitness industry as well as a number of different professions including firefighters, the police service, military personnel, chefs, parents, and travelers.  Anyone who lives an active lifestyle, works with their hands, is an athlete, or doesn’t want the burden of wearing a metal ring can take advantage.

And we don’t blame them!

Silicone rings offer a safe, modern, and durable alternative to the traditional wedding band at a lower price point and with a lower risk of injury, which is an especially popular feature for those that work with their hands. In fact, wearing a wedding band in the field is actually prohibited within the military, so silicone wedding bands are an excellent option for many that want to continue displaying their commitment to their spouse!

We know that you’re just as excited about our silicone rings as we are so we thought we would take a moment to explain a bit more about our Rubberbanditz silicone wedding rings.

1. What are Rubberbanditz silicone rings?

Our high-quality, medical grade silicone rings are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, whether that’s pushing yourself to your limits in your workout, baking your next culinary masterpiece, playing with the kids, or relieving the risks of wearing traditional wedding band within your profession.

The Rubberbanditz silicone rings come in a number of different metallic colors to suit your own personal style or occasion. The surgical grade silicone material is delicately engineered to precise dimensions that guarantee a soft and comfortable fit, as well as a flexible and breathable feel.


2. How are Rubberbanditz silicone wedding bands different?

The most obvious reason is that our rings actually look like rings made out of precious metals. In fact, at a glance, they are nearly inseparable. The reason for this is because the metallic color of our women’s and men’s silicone rings are baked into the rubber ring solution while the ring is made. This unique manufacturing process helps to ensure that the color, just like your love for each other, doesn’t fade with time.


Our rings come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so at any point, if you don’t love your ring we’ll help find a ring that works for you (free of charge) or get you a refund. We are such a small customer-driven company that you’ll often talk to the owner of the company when you call in for customer service.

We also give a portion of our proceeds to charity and aim to enrich the communities in which we operate. This means that you can feel good about your silicone band purchase and look good in it too!


3. What are the benefits of switching to a silicone ring?

Despite durable silicone bands being an affordable fashion accessory, one of our top reasons for switching to men’s and women’s silicone rings from metal wedding bands are for their safety.

For those that do work with their hands, there is an increased risk of getting rings caught on objects causing serious injuries such as ring avulsion (*Google this term with caution). Switching to a silicone ring removes the risk of injury without leaving your hand feeling naked during the working day.

For the fitness fanatics among us, wearing one of our rubber wedding bands can be a great option that prevents you from the necessity of taking off your ring for workouts, or risk of losing it during physical activities. With specifically engineered width and thickness, our rings are designed to endure even the toughest of workouts!

One also can’t ignore the fact that silicone wedding rings for men and women fit with perfection and are supremely comfortable. The lightweight profile makes it easy to forget that you are even wearing a ring.

4. Are silicone rings safe?

Absolutely! Silicone rings are much safer than their metal counterparts due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, silicone rings are temperature resistant, which is particularly useful for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen or in the sun! The material that the bands are made out of is resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures, so if you’re washing up or grabbing things from the freezer the ring won’t be affected. Our silicone bands are also 99% hypoallergenic so there is almost no need to worry about metal allergies unless you have severe sensitivities.

Secondly, our silicone rings will break away when placed under extreme pressure compared to the standard metal bands that can cause ring avulsion (if you haven’t Googled this yet, browse at your own risk). So whether you are trying to perfect your ring muscle ups, get a new clean and jerk PR, or hold your first front lever, we can guarantee our silicone rings won’t be holding you back!

Let’s be real, it’s a rubber wedding ring and there is minimal risk in trying it. They are easily replaced  if you lose your ring, break it, forgot it, or give it away as a present. You don’t want to misplace your precious metal wedding band the way our company founder did! This was the reason he launched the silicone wedding band line transitioned fully into wearing a rubber ring everyday since.  


5. Are the rings permanent or temporary? 

There is not one universally correct way to wear your rubber wedding bands. Most of us at RubberBanditz HQ wear them on a daily basis, but then again we sell them and talk about how cool they are every day : ) The beautiful part about having a rubber ring or two is that you can decide how often you want to wear it. You can also swap out the color or design as frequently as you want to. After all, you are the one wearing the ring!

Rest assured that your loved one will be top-of-mind when wearing your wedding ring, regardless if it's made of metal, rubber, or tattooed on. You'll figure out immediately if the silicone band is a long-term fit for you, or just an occasional stand-in during those times when you want to swap out your metal ring.


6. How do I know what ring size to buy?

When you have found the ring for you, all you have to do is scroll down and you will find our instruction guide on how to find the right size. The guide goes through how to measure your finger using just a piece of string and a ruler (just like the good old days!). Then all you need to do is refer to the ‘Circumference in mm’ column in the Ring Size chart to find your closest size. Easy as that!

Even if you end up messing this bit up and your ring is too big, too small or just not your thing then all you have to do is send us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll refund or exchange your ring for free!

Our simple and elegant, yet durable and practical silicone wedding rings are designed to allow our community to express their commitment and love for their spouses without having to compromise safety (or looking good). The benefits of switching to a silicone ring are above and beyond the safety features alone.

Our Rubberbanditz silicone wedding rings sit in parallel to our company values, with a mission to make fitness and physical activity accessible to everyone. Try on one of our rubber wedding bands, and if you don't love it, we'll give you a full refund with no questions asked!