We love our basketball here at the corner of Durham & Chapel Hill.  The frenzy put us on to this terrific Men's Health article highlighting a UNC Tar Heel full body medicine ball workout. Simple, effective and a perfect compliment to your Rubberbanditz band training sessions.  Designed to help build a rock-solid core, burn fat, and improve sports performance, UNC went on to win the national championship.

One of THE old school ways to get your body in shape. Check it out: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/ultimate-medicine-ball-workout.

  • Big Circles

big circles

  • Woodchopper


  • Standing Russian Twist

standing russian

  • Squat to Press

squat to press

  • Medicine Ball Sit Up

med ball crunch

  • Rock Solo

rocky solo

  • Toe Touch

toe touch

  • 45 Degree Twist

big circles 45 twist

  • Suitcase Crunch

suitcase crunch

  • Diagonal Crunch

diag crunch