We're only a day away from the Super Bowl! Its time to get super pumped to see the Patriots play the Seahawks, though I'm sure many of you have been excited all season.

Truth be told I'm not that big of football girl, so I had to do some research before writing this post. And guess what I found?!?! Tom Brady is an avid user of resistance bands.


"That's just a leash. It's a resistance band," Brady said. "When it's cold out, I was just trying to stay warm and that helps me stay really warm. It's a great exercise to do. When I'm out there at the game, I don't get a lot of chances to run around, like the receivers are running around the whole game. I just like to stay really loose, as loose as I can in inclement weather so that's what that was for it's just... a leash, that's pretty good.

Whether you're a Patriots or a Seahawks fan, you can benefit from the same exercise that Tom Brady practices. All you need to do is wrap your Rubberbanditz band around your waist. Grab a workout buddy and have them pull you back while you run forward.

Good luck at the Super Bowl Tom!!