This article is written by Kaylee Wilson. The author is a noted health instructor who has trained many people who want to tone specific areas of the body. She recommends using a Norditrack treadmill to shape the body and improve overall well being.


The inner thighs can be one of the most difficult parts of the body to tone. Most women hold unwanted weight in this area. There are certain exercises that can be done at home or at the gym which may be able to help. Here are some tips on how to tone the inner thighs.

Home Exercises to Tone Your Inner Thighs

It is important to begin each workout with the proper stretch.  Sit on the floor with knees out while bringing the feet together. Now bend to touch the top of the feet.

The first helpful home exercise is known as the Foot Sweep.  Stand tall while bringing the right foot up from the ground. This foot is swept over the left foot and across the shin area. Repeat with the other foot.


The next exercise is the Scissors. While flat on the back, lift your knees. While holding onto the inside of the knees, the legs are opened while stretching the inner thigh.

You can also perform an inner thigh leg lift. While lying on the side of the body, keep your bottom leg straight. Lift the top leg with the knee bent.  This leg's foot is brought to the floor. The other leg is slowly lifted from the ground.

Finally, you can do a ballet move called a plie along with bands. While standing on the bands with feet apart, the pelvis is tilted with the back straight.  The hips are lowered to the floor until knees are at a 90 degree angle. A person returns to normal position and repeats.

Gym Exercises Which Target The Inner Thigh

A gym is filled with numerous pieces of equipment which can help a person target the flab of the inner thigh. One of the best is an adduction machine. You sit on the machine and places your legs in the levers. After setting the resistance, your legs are brought together. There must always be resistance on the inner thigh and the weight should never come to rest in any direction.RESISTED KICK

A cable machine is another tool that helps solve inner thigh issues. You can strap the ankle closest to the machine while keeping the back straight. Beginning with a light weight, you can bend your free leg while tightening the buttocks.  While moving your strapped leg, you can move it across the front of the body. This is repeated for a few sets.

The treadmill is also a useful machine to target the inner thighs. To work on this area of the body, stand sideways on the treadmill at a speed around 2 mph. Walk in the pattern of stepping toward the console with one foot and bringing the other foot to meet it. To increase the intensity, raise the incline. One of the best machines for this will be the Norditrack treadmill.

There are many exercises that a person can perform to tone the inner thighs. Even though this is the area of the body which accumulates the most noticeable fat, there are ways to achieve a better appearance. With a bit of perseverance, the legs will appear better than ever.