Want to eat healthy, but don’t have the time to invest in figuring out what exactly that entails? We’re here to help! In order to make healthy eating as easy as possible, we present to you the Minimalist Guide to Healthy Eating.

The main principles of our guide will be preparation, substitution, and home cooked meals.

Photo courtesy of stevendepolo via Flickr Community Commons.


First thing first, let’s make a plan. Planning things in advance saves time and frustration later on.  During the busiest part of the week, it’s easy to opt for fast food when there is no food on hand. Let’s plan for this! Use your least busy day of the week, probably a weekend day, and get your food shopping done and create pre-made snacks.

Tip: Hit the grocery store with a shopping list. This will cut down on impulse buys ( for me impulse usually means sweet or salty and rarely healthy) and in will save time and money. When creating your grocery list be sure to bulk up on fresh meat, fruits, and veggies. Most people think this will cost more money, but if you shop for in season produce and fresh meat on sale, you can keep your costs down.

Snack Suggestions: Having healthy snacks throughout the day will rev up your metabolism and will cause you to eat less during meals. Preparing snacks ahead of time and putting into individual plastic containers makes them easy to grab and go during the week. My favorite snack is apple slices with peanut butter on the side to dip in. During the summer I also enjoy sliced tomatoes and cucumber sprinkled with salt, pepper, and dill. Both are easy to prepare in advance!


We don’t want to completely change your diet.  Chances are, you’re eating the food because you like it. But, it is possible to choose healthier versions. I happen to be a rice lover, and every other time I eat rice I opt for brown rice over white rice. I still get my rice, but it’s a lot healthier.

Click here  to see Ask Mena’s Top 10 Junk Food Substitutes. Find other great ways to enjoy the flavors you love from a healthier alternative.

Home cooked Meals:

It’s so much easier to control what you eat, when you prepare your own meals! I know, I know, you’re too busy to cook. Isn’t this supposed to be simple? Cooking isn’t simple. Wrong! There are plenty of sites and shows dedicated to cooking 30 minute meals or less. Cook in bulk and refrigerate or freeze the extra. Still not sure you have the time? Alternate cooking with a friend or neighbor. This will cut down the work for you and build in a fun social event to let you relax after work.


I hope this guide has inspired you to live a healthier lifestyle! Have any tips or tricks you’d love to share? Feel free to post in the comment section!