I decided to come up with another surfer body workout for this post mainly because I couldn’t resist showcasing Rubberbanditz creator Ari Zandman-Zeman’s attempts to sound like a totally rad surfer dude. But more importantly, surfing is a really fantastic way to work out your entire body.  However, if you aren’t able to hit the waves, Rubberbanditz has come up with a few more surfing inspired exercises to help you tone your legs, arms, and core. While doing them on the beach may be ideal, they are perfectly applicable to wherever you are!

Watch the video below to get some awesome exercises to look surfer fit!

Sliding Surfer Exercise

1)      Take two ends of the band in each hand and cross it over your waist as if it were a seatbelt

2)       Place your palms slightly behind you with your hands facing towards your feet

3)      Set your feet in front of you and bend your knees, keeping only your heels firmly on the ground

4)      Using your arms and back press your body and pelvis off the floor

5)      Move in a sliding fashion above the ground as you rock your shoulders and bend and straighten your knees

hint* push your shoulders down into your back to engage your upper body Exercise 2

Leg Extension

1)      Wrap the band across the bottom of your feet while grasping the ends in each hands

2)      Extend your legs straight out in front of you

3)      Position your body at a 45 degree angle from the ground

4)      Really tighten your transverse abdominals (your lower abs) to keep your body flat and extended

5)      Bend your knees and bring your legs in towards your chest while using your abdominals to bring your upper body to a perpendicular angle to the ground

hint* Really try to think of your abdominals pulling your legs in towards you and try to keep your spine extended and long.


1)      Instead of keeping your heels on the ground, lift your legs at a 45 degree angle to the floor. Balancing on your sacrum get into the Pilates teaser stance.

Hint* Your upper and body and legs should make a V

2)      From there do the same exercise as you extend your legs in and out while maintaining the V stance.

Extension Exercise

1)      Keep the band wrapped underneath the arches of the feet and extend your legs

2)      Grasping the band, extend both arms back behind your head as you lay down

3)      Using your abs lift your legs and curl your upper body upward so that they meet in the V position

4)      From there extend both your legs and upper body back down to the original position

Hint* really think of elongating your legs and upper body as you push against the resistance as you come back down

Side twists

1)      Double up the band and place it underneath the arches of the feet as you completely extend your legs

2)      Grasp the sides of the band

3)      Lift your upper body up into a crunch position and twist your body side to side

Hint* use your lower abdominals to stabilize you on the ground, while contracting your oblique muscles to get the side to side motion.