Surfers are known for having the best bodies on the beach. The action packed sport combines coordination, balance, and resistance to give surfers sexy arms, backs, and of course those famous surfer abs. Being from California I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be able to surf almost year round if I want to, but in other places that may not be possible. That’s why Rubberbanditz has created a surfer body workout designed to help you achieve that surfer bod with or without the waves.

Check the video below with some exercises on how to get into surfer shape!

Resisted push ups: Arms and Core

  1. Wrap the band around your back and link the ends of it in your hands
  2. Use the band to do resisted push ups by keeping the ends of the band on the ground with the palm of your hands. Push up into the band and feel the added resistance on your push up.

Core stability

    1. Use the band to make a circle around your entire body, by standing on top of the band and grasping the alternate end with your hands
    2. Your feet should remain about hip width apart and you should pull your arms out to around forty five degree angles from your body


    the stance should look like a spread eagle
  1. Keep your lower body firmly placed and twist your upper body using your abs and back. Try to think of your core and oblique muscles as what is pulling you back to a centered position

Modified core stability

    1. Keep your lower body in the same spread eagle stance as before, except wrap the band around your shoulders and bend your elbows at ninety degree angles.
    2. From here slowly bend over while trying to keep your back flat like a table top
    3. Your lower body should remain in place, so try to avoid sticking your hips back as you bend over and use your core to pull yourself back up into standing position

Challenge! Try to do this exercise on one leg to get a maximum balance workout

Bicep curls

    1. Hold the bottom of the band down by stepping on it with your foot, you should have about half of the loop in each hand
    2. Using the folded sides as handles pull the band upward toward your body by bending your elbows at ninety degree angles

*Hint: engage your core by squeezing your abs to get an extra workout within the exercise

So whether you’re a pro surfer trying to supplement to your time in the water or you can barely manage to stay afloat, follow these exercises and you’re guaranteed to see your body turn beach worthy hot.