Now that you have worked the back, it’s time to give it a good stretch. I don’t know about you, but back stretches could be my favorite band stretches of all. It can be pretty tough to get a really good stretch on your back, and using the bands can be a great help.

A few weeks ago we covered the lower back lubricator, which stretched your lower back. This week we are going to learn the relaxalator, which will stretch your mid and upper back. Although the description  uses a door strap, try doing it outside by wrapping your band around a high fence or tree branch. Relaxing mentally and physically!

Another tip? Try focusing on some deep yoga breathes – in through the nose, out through the mouth.


Stretches the mid and upper back

Grasp the free end(s) in each hand and bend over at the waist while keeping yoru back and arms straight.

Feel the stretch in your mid and upper back.

Spread your arms out and slowly lower your torso to the ground