Excited for the new Sparta Rise of an Empire movie coming out? Here, at Rubberbanditz we most certainly are! The action packed film is sure to be an intense 102 minutes of ferocious fighting, powerful drama, and (my personal favorite) stunningly ripped actors. In order to prepare their bodies for their roles, the actors had to undergo intense training for months leading up to shooting. In the video below Gerard describes the intensity of his workouts, some of which were so hard he admitted to vomiting afterward!

While the workouts certainly paid off, most of us are not crazy enough to put our bodies through that much debauchery. However, watching the previews for Rise of an Empire did inspire me to want get more in shape. The great Leonidas claims that his hardest and most dreaded exercise was hitting the rowing machine. But if you want to KILL IT without going through the same level of pain, check out our Rubberbanditz rowing exercises instead! This will give you a great Sparta Workout! 


Let the music from 300 inspire you  


Bend over Rows

1)      Step atop the band so that you have resistance

2)      Perform a rowing action by bending your elbows and bringing your arms back

Challenge: Try incorporating a stick into the band and using that to pull back