This is the first in a series of biweekly question-and-answer sessions with Durham social innovators conducted by Bull City Forward.

Two sentences about your enterprise:

We produce and sell a unique circular exercise band training system that I invented in the Peace Corps. The self-contained mobile gym provides a way to work out anywhere with minimal resources.

What good does it do for the world?

We build resistance band gyms in underserved communities and offer hands on training in the local community through children's camps and Durham Parks and Recreation.

What led you to become an entrepreneur?

The bands initially just provided me with a practical way to exercise. When I did the numbers and realized I could make a living (hopefully someday) doing what I love while helping the world get healthier it became a no-brainer.

Why Durham (in three words)?

Adventure, Duke, love

One thing to do and not to do when starting a new enterprise:

Don't think you will be able to maintain a regular social life.

Do surround yourself with an insightful community.

Favorite local place to celebrate good news

Torreros -- 99-cent drafts on Wednesdays

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