This resistance band goalpost workout uses the entire upper body, challenges speed of movement and leaves you gasping for air. Equipment needed: Resistance bands, fixed goalpost, stop watch.

Goalposts provide an excellent anchor for workouts using resistance bands. By attaching the bands to different positions and pulling/pushing at different angles on the posts you can work out practically any muscle group. By changing the way the band is attached to the post helps adapt the workout too. For example, position 1 is ideal for single arm exercises, whereas position 2 is great for double arm exercises. Further, the resistance of an exercise is increased by standing further away from the posts, to help gauge your resistance on a regular basis pace out how many yards you are from the post. This gives a good approximation of your progress.

Position 1
Position 2

Below is a five exercises goalpost workout that utilises major muscle groups, helps develop strength for soccer and fits together nicely in a workout. Specific muscle targeting exercises use the chest, lats, back, arms and core while the resisted fast feet sprints work the whole body.


ExerciseRepsBandBand attachment
Pull ups 8 use band as needed Crossbar
Single arm Shoulder press 10 Heavy Band Base of post
Resisted fast feet sprint 20 seconds Heavy Band Waist height on post
Reverse fly 10 Medium Band Waist height on post
Double arm Chest Press 10 Heavy Band Chest height on post
Resisted fast feet sprint 20 seconds Heavy Band Waist height on post

Check out the link to each exercise if you are unsure how to complete it.

This circuit should be repeated 3 times, with one to two minutes rest between each round. Each round takes about five minutes.

For the resisted fast feet sprints, use attachment method 1 and step inside of the band. When exercising, move your feet as fast as possible. Maintain a consistent resistance in the band throughout the 20 seconds. As you fatigue its likely you may feel your form falter, work to maintain good technique for the whole period.

This workout was completed using the Standard mobile gym kit in a bag. Resistance bands are highly versatile so a workout can be adapted to fit your specific training needs.

Enjoy! And don’t forget, the World Cup Semi-finals are July 8th and 9th at 4pm EST. Brazil will take on Germany and Argentina faces Holland.