When I think of pull-ups, the GI Jane scene where Demi Moore’s sweaty bald head creeps atop the bar pops into my mind.

GI janeAdmittedly, it’s a lot more comfortable to sit on the couch and watch Demi yank herself up, rather than actually attempt the rigorous exercise. But if you’re looking for a way to get super fit, pull-ups are one of the best exercises you can do. Just the one move can blast you’re entire upper body. Pull-ups target the latissimus dorsi (aka lats), biceps, shoulders, abs, pelvic floor, hands and forearms. The action makes the deep, hard to target muscles burn. Some of those muscles include:

  • Teres major
  • Rhomboids
  • Trapezius
  • Levator scalpulae
  • Deltoid
  • Transversus abdominus
  • Rectus abdominus
  • External obliques
  • Internal obliques

With a list that long, no wonder pull ups are so hard. But hard is good, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ;)

So to help you get started with incorporating pull ups into your workouts we’ve created the Power of the Pull Up nine week workout. Keep up with our training method and you’ll get over the bar in just nine weeks! By starting off using the bands for assistance, you can work all muscles groups needed to accomplish the daunting move. And for our already super strong customers you can use the bands to make pull-ups even more intense (if you’re that strong btw you are amazing). We’ve put a copy of the workout plan down below, so check it out and get to training!

Assisted Pull Ups

Power Your Pull Ups

Our Heavy/Robust Band Combo is a Rubberbanditz best seller AND it gets you up and over the bar for this nine week pull up challenge.

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Nine Total Weeks - broken into (3) Three Week segments:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Start with BOTH assistance bands:

  • Week 1 = 5 sets of 5 pull ups
  • Week 2 = 3 sets of 8 pull ups
  • Week 3 = 3 sets of 10 pull ups

Transition to ONE band (a thicker band)

  • Week 4 = 5 sets of 5 pull ups
  • Week 5 = 3 sets of 8 pull ups
  • Week 6 = 3 sets of 10 pull ups

Transition to the other ONE band (a thinner band than previous)

  • Week 7 = 5 sets of 5 pull ups
  • Week 8 = 3 sets of 8 pull ups
  • Week 9 = 3 sets of 10 pull ups

This workout compliments all fitness levels. The goal is to help you build strength and ultimately ratchet up you the amount of unassisted pull ups you can do.