By David Haas

Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll cover nutrition tips for nausea, bruising and hair loss. Today, we’ll talk about nausea and how you can prevent it.

The treatments that often follow a cancer diagnosis can be just as intimidating as the diagnosis itself. Chemotherapy and radiation, commonly used in the fight against cancer, often have harsh side effects that interfere with everyday life. When used properly, a nutritious diet can help minimize the impact of these side effects.Sit up Straight! Sit up Straight!It will help ward off nausea

Chemotherapy dehydrates the body, which often leads to vomiting. The remedy for this disturbing reaction lies in the way you consume your meals. Instead of eating a couple of large meals a day, focus on eating several small meals. Although you may feel famished, take the time to chew your food slowly. While eating, it may also benefit you to sit upright, which will help ward off nausea. After eating, rest for a bit to give your food time to settle. In an effort to avoid nausea-induced vomiting, stay away from foods with strong smells and odors. These simple steps will help you keep your food down, which will allow your body to retain the nutrients it needs.

While a nutritious diet may not cure cancer, it certainly goes a long way to ease some of the troublesome side effects commonly associated with treatment. Even though the possible reactions can be tough, you can manage them with an appropriate diet.

Join me next week when I'll cover bruise, bleeding and sore prevention.

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