I’m not much of a sports fanatic, but I have to admit March Madness has produced some pretty incredible athletic moments. To catch some of the best ones of 2014 check out the video below!


These young athletes are fantastic. But for those who have spent the last month glued to the TV, let your favorite teams serve as inspiration to work out, instead of motivation to sit on your couch. That's why we've create the March Madness Workout Challenge! Stop watching other people be the athletes and be one yourself! At the very least, try out some of our Rubberbanditz exercises during the commercial breaks, before hitting the gym hard core in April :p

Lat Band Down         

1)      If you are feeling super basketball inspired wrap the band over a basketball hoop, but any high up area will work

2)      Grip the band in each hand

3)      Pull down

Hint* feel free to use different holds or handles in order to work a wider range of your back