Have you been working your triceps and biceps to the max? Are they super sore? We've got the solution. Rubberbanditz teamed up with kick ass fitness guru Kate Abate to create a new Rubberbanditz stretch program! Now just in case you don't know who Kate Abate is she is an amazing fitness trainer based in the LA area. That's why we turned to her to help us come up with a resistance band stretch program that will get your arms feeling good after a hard workout.

Stretch 1

  1. Grab on to the band with your right arm
  2. Step forward with the same foot
  3. Lean your body forward and feel a nice stretch in the shoulder, deltoid, upper chest, and side of your lats

Stretch 2

  1. Step forward with your right foot
  2. Lean into your shoulder so your arm is wrapped across your body