The mightiest athletes are now using exercise bands to stimulate training by improving stretching, proprioception, and muscle stability. LeBron James recently exhibited his workout on TV in this Powerade commercial.

     Want to do LeBron James' workout? The basketball All Star has released a full one-hour video showing off his daily fitness regimen. While LeBron effortlessly flaunts his basketball skills, LeBron James' workout focuses on using exercise bands for strengthening. Rubberbanditz' fitness principles are crafted around agility, stability and power band training. This methodology is working its way into every sport that relies on muscle endurance and explosiveness, as witnessed in LeBron James’ workout. The basketball legend relies on resistance bands to work both robust muscles such as quads and biceps as well as harder to target areas such as previously injured knees. LeBron James' workout bands have surely proven as effective workout tools as the basketball all star boasts two NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, two NBA Finals MVP Awards, two Olympic gold medals, an NBA scoring title, and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

    While the majority of us aren’t aiming to be the NBA’s MVP, we can still get in shape using the same techniques. We’ve pulled out a few of the exercises from LeBron James' workout band routine for you to use with your Rubberbanditz.

For all of the exercises tie your band around a pole or another stationary object. 

Body Weight Band Squats (seen at 2:20) 

Meant to improve LeBron's hip range of motion, lower legs, and balance and strength.  

1) Tie the band around a pole or another large stationary object

2) Place yourself into the loop and slide the band directly around your pelvis

3) Pull yourself back and do a set of squats

Rotational Band Screw (seen at 3:05)

Works rotational core musculature 

1) Grab hold of a tethered band with both hands

2) Take a wide stance and bend your knees

3) Bend your elbows close in towards you

4) Pull the band across your body, turning your body away from the band's anchor point

5) Repeat on the other side

Body Weight Band Squat with Alternate Lateral Resistance (seen at 6:05)

Benefits: Engages core muscles, challenges balance/stability in lower body, strengthens legs 

1) With the band anchored around a post, step into the loop

2) Take a wide stance and bring the band to circle at your hip

3) Perform a set of squats, placing pressure against the band as you squat away from it

4) Repeat on both sides

Stability Band Windmills (seen at 7:05)

Works to increase LeBron's core muscle strength

1) Start by performing the Corkscrew exercise as seen above

2) After warmed up, pull the band in a circular motion rather than just side to side

Reverse Band Squats (seen at 10:00)

Benefits LeBron's hip range of motion, balance, core stability, and end range hip extension 

1) Step into the loop and face away from the anchor

2) Pushing against the band perform a set of squats

Band Terminal Knee Extensions (seen at 13:47)

Helps LeBron to strengthen and stabilize muscles around knees

1) With the band anchored around a pole, place one foot into the loop

2) Stand with both legs straight and close together

3) Bend one knee slightly

4) Extend back into the original standing position

5) Repeat and then switch to the other side

Mini-Band Pull Sets (seen at 15:00)

Strengthens LeBron's rear shoulders, core and back muscles

1) Stand in a squatting position

2) Take the looped band in both hands

3) Pull the band, move your arms to should height and open them outwards

4) Bring the band back down and extend your arms a little behind your body

For more info on LeBron James' training check out his official website here