Allergic to the gym? It sometimes feels that way when anticipating the stair master. However, while working out isn’t making you sick, hitting up your local gym might be. The gyms are often germ fests, crawling with bacteria that cause Ringworm, Athletes Foot, Staph infections, and the common cold and flu. With so many people moving around and switching equipment, its easy to fall prey to some of these treacherous gym germs. Keep yourself healthy by following these guidelines!washinghands

1)     Wash your hands. Keep your hands clean before and after using equipment and especially when you finish your workout! MAKE SURE TO USE SOAP. If you don’t want to waste time washing your hands constantly bring hand sanitizer!


College-Guy-doing-Laundry12)    Wash your workout clothes EVERY time you wear them. This will not only keep you comfortable and at a socially acceptable BO level, but it will also help to combat bacteria.


3)    Make sure to shower right after your workout. Always wear flip flops in the shower and locker room to avoid diseases like Athletes Foot. After showering sit on a clean towel in the locker room as the bench is most likely covered in bacteria.


4)    Don’t share. Sure “sharing is caring” but not when it comes to the gym. Sharing soap, razors, and water bottles are easy ways to transfer germs. On that note, make sure to bring your own water so you aren’t using the germ infested water fountains.

clean5)    Germ proof your equipment. Wipe down all machines and tools before and after you use them.